Bring an "Easy Button" to Finals Week (BTHS)

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Bring an "Easy Button" to Finals Week (BTHS) Empty Bring an "Easy Button" to Finals Week (BTHS)

Post by Andy Mai on Tue May 12, 2009 10:37 pm

Bring an infamous "Easy Button", sold at Staples, to your final exams! With every test press the button for that extra boost for the next exam! Leave the Easy Button on your desk!!
The Easy Button was introduced in August 2005. It is a novelty item for the office used to relieve stress. Hopefully it will relieve some stress off us when we take final exams.
Easy buttons are around $4.99 (plus tax) at Staples. This is a one month advance so you have time to get your Easy Button. If anyone does not have time to go to Staples to get an Easy Button and would like to do this event, I can purchase an Easy Button for you if you give me the money.
Invite your friends!
This is an original event, as far as I know. If this event is successful and everyone buys an Easy Button we can do this event again and you won't have to buy another Easy Button.
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