rubber types: pips in vs pips out

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rubber types: pips in vs pips out Empty rubber types: pips in vs pips out

Post by iJacky on Sun May 03, 2009 1:28 pm

there r basically 2 main types of rubber either being pips in or pips out =)

generally atkers use pips in rubbers =)
coz they generate their own spin when making a shot...
n generally defers use pips out rubbers =)
coz they either generate no spin from short pips or reversed spin from long pips when making a shot...

pips in rubbers r more commonly known as inverted rubbers...
but y rnt pips out rubbers more commonly known as outverted rubbers? o_O"

p.s. most ppl use pips in or inverted rubbers 2 start out w/ 2 learn their basics =)
n then they wud consider changing rubbers so that they wud fit their styles of play =)

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