blades: more speed vs more control

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blades: more speed vs more control

Post by iJacky on Fri Apr 24, 2009 4:57 pm

official blades ranged from most control 2 most speed r as follows: DEF , ALL- , ALL , ALL+ , OFF- , OFF , OFF+

speed blades r traditionally made 4 offensive style players...
n control blades r traditionally made 4 defensive style players...
its coz atkers need more speed n defers need more control 2 improve their styles ingame =)
n of course theres always the allround blades made 4 allrounders who mix both atks n defs =)

i guess u can also say that speed blades r heavier since theyre harder n control blades r lighter since theyre softer n allround blades r like in the mid of both since its 4 both atks n defs? o_O"

p.s. typically the more speed a blade has the less control it has...
n typically the more control a blade has the less speed it has...
this is coz its harder 4 u 2 control a faster blade than a slower 1 =)
altho i do believe that speed blades r more worthit...
since itll b harder 4 u 2 add ur own speed 2 a paddle rather than control...
also in order 2 add more speed u need 2 train n lift weights =)
while adding more control only requires 4 u 2 practice n play more often =)

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